Washing Machine Aboard (!)

imageA washing machine installed on a sailboat is an item of luxury! The washing machine takes up space under deck and consumes the battery, but it’s a very nice thing to have, because the clothes don’t keep clean forever!

However! The solution is out there for us with small sailboats and the desires for adventures that expand more than a few days…

The Scrubba portable washing machine have a capacity with the maximum of two t-shirts, two pair of socks and two pair of underwear with a washing time between 30 sec. and 3 min. (depending by the amount of clothes) This is A Need To Have!



… keep on the sanding!?

shipman_sanding_01The never ending sanding vs. rebuilding of the cockpit! Not much to write about the last past weeks… i’m rebuilding with thickend polyester and sanding it down to give a smooth surface and strong corners etc.

I bought a new Delta-sander from Bosch to ease the sanding in the cockpit, because of all the small corners and angels!





Sauna on the Hard!

shipman_sauna_In Denmark, in my driveway, on my sailboat, under the tent – the sun is turning up the heat! It feels like a sauna and the work on the boat is just to warm! This is almost to hot to work with the Fibreglass/Polyester, thus the mass hardens to fast…




gopro_youtube_I just bought a new all-round camera for the up-coming videos on YouTube. I settled on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver with build in touch display and additional accessories, such as the Manfrotto ActionPole, Windslayer, Backshatter Flip4 filter etc.

The Camera is not the best at recording sound, but adding a microphone and a tripod, the result will be just fine. The Camera is bought as an all-round, for action on the sailboat and diving adventures. The small ‘unbreakable’ Camera is very suitable with only one onboard the Sailboat, perhaps in the future I will look for other solutions, but for now it’s perfect!

The danish sailor…

sailor_shoe_Traditions and culture! The Sailor shoe is a ‘must-have’ for the danish sailor! For someone pretenting to be a realtime sailor or as the lightweight pratical shoe for the real Captain – maybe because of the look or the simple design, I don’t know!?

I’m allready feeling ready for The Seven Seas!

(Hint, Beewax is very suitable for the soft leather!)



Dinette or bench arrangement!?

The 29 foot hull is narrow and the original dinette arrangement could only seat two adults comfortably, therefor I have decided to re-arrange the construction to a double bench saloon. In this way no beds in the sailboat will be less than 200 centimeters and that is most welcome. I will lift the v-berth and let the ends of both the benches under it, to spare space in the overall length. This will give enough room to fit the Head and a nice Galley.

The Bianca 320 trip…

bianca_320_One of my good friends and his brother own an beautiful Bianca 320 sailboat and on one of the few actual summer days in Denmark we hurried out to the sea. On the picture we are passing through the canal in Karrebæksminde by engine. The canal is located between Zealand and Enø.

The Pipe? Well? I’m not smoking, but occasionally the pipe is ‘very‘ important!? In Denmark we have a saying “The One who points with a pipe is always right!” and this is of course very close to the truth!?



LEGO® Rudder!

shipman_lego_rudderI made a small model in LEGO® to be sure of the correct placement of the large and small gears in the wheel steering, just to insure that no mistakes were made and that I wouldnt be confused.

  • Large gear on the axis for the rudder.
  • Small gear on the axis for the wheel.


(Yes! I’m a LEGO® nerd!)


Window vs. Head cabin!


By relocating the Head from mid-ship and back to port side by the companionway, the boat will have the cabin wall passing over the window. This must be removed and replaced with a smaller window that opens.

First step is rebuilding with fibre glass!