Arrival of Darth Vader!

IMG_1099The new mask just landed on the address! It’s a half face mask respirator with filters from Honeywell, this will protect my health in a proper way!

To save future shipping cost I ordered three A2 filters and four P3 (R) filters, this will grant me plenty of hours in the boat, working with the fiberglass, grinder and sander…

A2 filters protects from acid and gas, and the P3 filters protects from dust and particles in the highest level…


Early Christmas present…

powerfile_The past months has been without or with little focus on the sailboat project, due to the lack of powertools versus very difficult surfaces to sand. But now! I’ve been given the Black + Decker Variable Speed Powerfile, this tool is a need to have! I’m looking very much forward to work with this tool, Merry Christmas everyone….

Cockpit ‘Wave Bench’ – continued


My new Delta sander from Bosch are doing the job! It comes around, into corners and it’s easy to control the level of sanding. I have sanded the cockpit bench on the stern coaming, the one I’m calling ‘The Wave Bench‘ and added the last layer of fiberglass.


… keep on the sanding!?

shipman_sanding_01The never ending sanding vs. rebuilding of the cockpit! Not much to write about the last past weeks… i’m rebuilding with thickend polyester and sanding it down to give a smooth surface, strong corners etc.

I bought a new Delta sander from Bosch to ease the sanding in the cockpit, because of all the small corners and hopeless angels!






gopro_youtube_I just bought a new all-round camera for the up-coming videos on YouTube. I settled on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver with build in touch display and additional accessories, such as the Manfrotto ActionPole, Windslayer, Backshatter Flip4 filter etc.

The camera is not the best at recording sound, but adding a microphone and a tripod, the result will be just fine. The camera is bought as an all-round, for action on the sailboat and diving adventures. The small ‘unbreakable’ camera is very suitable with only one onboard the sailboat, perhaps in the future I will look for other solutions, but for now it’s perfect!

LEGO® Rudder!

shipman_lego_rudderI made a small model in LEGO® to be sure of the correct placement of the large and small gears in the wheel steering, just to insure that no mistakes were made and that I wouldn’t be confused.

  • Large gear on the axis for the rudder.
  • Small gear on the axis for the wheel.


(Yes! I’m a LEGO® nerd!)