Boat trailer…

IMG_1372A small boat in fiberglass has been given to me! The small boat isn’t ready for floating yet, but will once it’s landing in my workshop. To be ready for the transportation I searched the internet for used trailers, but with no results! However a brand new trailer cost almost the same as a brand new trailer in Denmark?!? So today I picked my new boat trailer up by the dealer and drove it back home, ready for transportation…



Roller furler system…

Wagners Shipman 28 was up for installation of a brand new roller furler from Selden, this installation was made to replace the old and tired roller furler from Plastimo. The plan was to trash the old system, but I took it back home to my workshop, maybe to fix it up and save the ridiculous many money a new roller furler system cost!

Big thanks to Wagner!

(Plastimo 809-S)



Arrival of Darth Vader!

IMG_1099The new mask just landed on the address! It’s a half face mask respirator with filters from Honeywell, this will protect my health in a proper way!

To save future shipping cost I ordered three A2 filters and four P3 (R) filters, this will grant me plenty of hours in the boat, working with the fiberglass, grinder and sander…

A2 filters protects from acid and gas, and the P3 filters protects from dust and particles in the highest level…


Denmark vs. Canary Islands!!?

img_0682I’ve only been diving in the Canary Islands, in warm and clear water and Denmark is very different in many ways! Located in the harsh north of Europe, the water isn’t clear and warm which means the need for an insulated drysuit, hood and gloves is absolutely essential. But luck is coming my way and with great help from a good friend I’ve lent a drysuit.

Today I visited a fine dive center ‘Kingfish‘ in Copenhagen, with great staff and excellent advices! This was to add insulated gloves and a cold water hood to the drysuit set, which is getting me closer to diving in Denmark

Suunto dive computer

suunto_zoop_novo_blackMy latest dives in The Canary Islands got me thinking of buying a new dive computer, as I was using the Suunto Zoop with succes!

Searching the large market, I ended up with the Suunto Zoop Novo, the new generation of the Suunto Zoop. It has a simple display, logical menu and a solid frame. The display are backlight and on the same time phosphorescent, so shining a torch on it will make it glow in the dark.

The software are new and updated from the Zoop to the Zoop Novo and a bit slimmer casing. I’m looking very much foward to dive with this computer…

Update on the Scrubba!

tridentlife_scrubba_02I just returned back to Denmark from The Canary Islands (Fuerteventura) with clean clothes in the suitcase! I’ve tested the Scrubba washing machine on the vacation, only with excellent results. The clothes gets clean in a quick and easy way! The Scrubba have become an important and essential part of me and my family’s vacation gear!

Hint! The Scrubba can also be used as an waterproof bag with a compression valve and window for excellent storage on the sailboat or in your backpack!

Washing Machine Aboard (!)

imageA washing machine installed on a sailboat is an item of luxury! The washing machine takes up space under deck and consumes the battery, but it’s a very nice thing to have, because the clothes don’t keep clean forever!

However! The solution is out there for us with small sailboats and the desires for adventures that expand more than a few days…

The Scrubba portable washing machine have a capacity with the maximum of two t-shirts, two pair of socks and two pair of underwear with a washing time between 30 sec. and 3 min. (depending by the amount of clothes) This is A Need To Have!