New course for the blog!

By ending the project and selling the sailboat, the dreams were left on a dark course! This however was a great opportunity to plot a new route and sail forward into new seas…

A new project are upcoming and the blog will have new appearances in short times, due to the main project – Land Rover Series! From water to mud! This great (and old) car will be the surroundings for the family into the future, with road trips, camping and yes! Adventure!

Game over!

C5F038B0-9A0D-4CB0-BB08-787199AF0B4DToday one adventure ended, game over! The Shipman 28 sailboat is now sold and transported to the new and happy owner. It was a clean cut, right down in the middle of all my dreams surrounding this yacht and it was not and easy decision…

My son have become very sick with an very rare disease, this means lot of time in hospitals and less to all my projects. The large sailboat project became to heavy, in time and cost, slowly ending my hopes for the growing timeline. I don’t like selling the sailboat, but I less like to see my project burn out and trashed. Now a new adventures captain is fresh with energy in the project and this makes me very happy!

Arrival of a small boat!

IMG_1375Today a good friend and me drove to pick up the small boat, this was a journey not to forget! Long time forgot in a forrest of reed, the boat has been sleeping in fifteens years!? We took it down, just to drag it over a heavy stone beach and then climbing a very steep hill together with the fiberglass boat… this took more than four hours of heavy and exhausting work with lifting, pulling, pushing and maneuvering the manual chain lever block.

What a day!

Now the small boat is resting in it’s new home, in my workshop…



Splashing Shipmans

DSCF1171While the Shipman 28 is resting on the hard in my driveway I’m driving around the southern Zealand in Denmark to the many harbors nearby, just to feel the atmosphere and sense how the social life works in those harbors I’m guesting. This is of course to find the perfect harbor and future home of the sailboat! While visiting the Kalvehave harbor I discovered a pair of sailboats looking just like the one in my driveway! Standing next to each other on the hard, two Shipman 28 was waiting to splash in the next couple of days. Back home again I wrote letters to put on the propeller shafts, simply to get in touch with the owners of the two sailboats.

Buying my own sailboat on the hard didn’t offer me any chance learning how to rig the Shipman 28. Now could be my chance to learn…

While putting the letter on next day, Lars, the owner of one of the Shipman 28 stopped me right next to the hull. We had a great ‘small’ talk about the harbor, the sailboat etc. and I was more that welcome to visit them and learn about the sailboats. Same evening Wagner (the other owner) wrote me, hoping to see me very soon in the harbor when splashing both sailboats.

It was a great afternoon in the harbor, the weather wasn’t, but both captains was in excellent mood. The sailboats were flying high and was set gently in the harbor basin with the mobile crane, in fact it was the same truck/crane that drove my sailboat home when I bought her and later moved the same sailboat from the front yard to my driveway due to the heavy winds of the storm Freya. I shoot some video of the sailboats coming of the hard, ending up with both of them floating next to each other again by the finger pier. The afternoon became late as we set in the cockpit of Lars’ Shipman telling stories from the past. Big thanks to the open minded captains, Wagner and Lars!


Chicks aboard!

IMG_1125In shelter for the rain, the chicks are resting beneath the sailboat and granting you all a great weekend…



(Light Sussex)


15.000 on visit!

15.000 sailors on visit! I know a large numbers of these are google and other search engines, but still, it’s a great number of visitors on the blog!


Warming up…

IMG_1012This week I’ll start up the DIY sailboat project again, it’s been a long winters break, but now the temperature is reaching for working temperature on the fibre glass work. This is great news and I hope to wash down the hull soon, both outside and inside, to start fresh this year. I’ve begun to draw in my book of ideas and guides for my DIY project, this book is now the holy book of the project!

Storms and bad weather have worn down the tarps on the boat tent, they are now replaced with new and waterproof sides.


The Canary Islands – again!?!

My family and I were visiting The Canary Islands in May 2016 and now we are back, this time with several dives planned for me. From Denmark I had arranged a PADI course with my new friend Fabian Rost, manager in the Las Playitas dive center (Deep Blue Diving)

This video contains the main adventures of all my dives in The Canary Islands on locations such as Las Playitas, Caleta De Fuste and Tarajalejo. The videos are a bit unsteady as this was my first time diving with the GoPro camera. Hope you’ll enjoy!”


Washing Machine Aboard (!)

imageA washing machine installed on a sailboat is an item of luxury! The washing machine takes up space under deck and consumes the battery, but it’s a very nice thing to have, because the clothes don’t keep clean forever!

However! The solution is out there for us with small sailboats and the desires for adventures that expand more than a few days…

The Scrubba portable washing machine have a capacity with the maximum of two t-shirts, two pair of socks and two pair of underwear with a washing time between 30 sec. and 3 min. (depending by the amount of clothes) This is A Need To Have!

1.000 Sailors on visit!

medal_011.000 visitors dosen’t seems like a lot, but given the age of the blog and the lack of focus in publishing the site, it’s still about 20 people passing thru every day… babysteps into a great future!

The danish sailor…

sailor_shoe_Traditions and culture! The sailor shoe is a ‘must have’ for the danish sailor! For someone pretenting to be a realtime sailor or as the lightweight pratical shoe for the real captain, maybe because of the look or the simple design, I don’t know!?

I’m allready feeling ready for The Seven Seas!

(Hint, beewax is very suitable for the soft leather!)j

New job, less time!?


New job ahead, great colleagues, but less time to work on the sailboat. Hope to finish all fiberglass projects on the hull before the temperature drops below working temperature…

Hello from The Canary Islands!

hello_from_canary_islandFlying South to The Canary Islands with my family, down to a warm and dry climate. The Fuerteventura Island is the destination, we have been here before, but this time we found a great Sport Resort. This Resort is located in a small bay on the South cost, with no hordes of crazy turists. I took the opportunity to take a few dives in the bay, this was a great experience and a step into another world…