Sauna on the Hard!

shipman_sauna_In Denmark, in my driveway, on my sailboat, under the tarp – the sun is turning up the heat! It feels like a sauna and the working progress on the boat is slow, it’s simply to hot!

It’s almost to hot to work with the fiberglass/polyester, thus the mass hardens to fast in the high temperature…

The Bianca 320 sailboat

bianca_320_One of my good friends and his brother own an beautiful Bianca 320 sailboat and on one of the few actual summer days in Denmark we hurried out to the sea. On the picture we are passing through the canal in Karrebæksminde by engine. The canal is located between Zealand and Enø.

The Pipe? Well? I’m not smoking, but occasionally the pipe is ‘very‘ important!? In Denmark we have a saying “The One who points with a pipe is always right!” and this is of course very close to the truth!?




sailboat_moved_The storm ‘Freja’ just passed Denmark (7.-8. nov) and almost destroyed the Sailboat! High windpressure tilted the Boat of the Stands, while moving both Sailboat and the whole construction of the Stands about 20 centimeters in the Front Lawn.

The next storm ‘Gorm’ is on the way (29. nov) this will be stronger with winds gust in hurricane strength. To avoid disaster the Sailboat is now moved from the Front Lawn and into my Driveway, out of the worst wind pressure. Will the Boat survive the power of Gorm?