Tent for the Sailboat

shipman_tent_01The Winter is on the way, the weather is rainy and the daylight are shorter each day. The Tent is constructed so the work on the Sailboat don’t stop over the Winter. It’s a very simple construction build on the ground, taken apart and placed on the Deck.












125 kilo of Cast Iron!


The old German Farymann Diesel Engine need to be maintained, coolant is draining into the sump. Maybe a gasket is blown, maybe the Top is off due to much heat?

I constructed a simpel wodden Lift placed on the Cabintop over the Companionway. With one strong Man below and one on the rope, the heavy engine saw the light of day! Lowerd to the ground on a homemade ramp, no problems!

The engine is on the Hard in My workshop, this will ease the repair of the engine…shipman_iron_engine_02