sailboat_moved_The storm ‘Freja’ just passed Denmark (7.-8. nov) and almost destroyed the Sailboat! High windpressure tilted the Boat of the Stands, while moving both Sailboat and the whole construction of the Stands about 20 centimeters in the Front Lawn.

The next storm ‘Gorm’ is on the way (29. nov) this will be stronger with winds gust in hurricane strength. To avoid disaster the Sailboat is now moved from the Front Lawn and into my Driveway, out of the worst wind pressure. Will the Boat survive the power of Gorm?



shipman_winch_remove_01I have seen this extra set of Winches on some few Shipman 28, maybe homemade on drawings sent out by the Shipyard? My mission is to remove all shown wood on the Sailboat, this also means that the Bases of the Winches have to go.

The Winches will both be installed again, but in a position closer to the Stern in the Cockpit with hopefully does Single Hand Sailing easier.



















No Cabin Top!?

shipman_cabin_top_01The Cabin Top over the Saloon is removed and has left the Sailboat with a large ‘Crater’ on top! Why!?

The Shipman are designed back in the late 1960’s where the standards were calculated on not so tall people, but in present Scandinavia, we are tall! By adding an angled Sky Window on the Cabin top, it gives more space and light in the Saloon. This of cause gives the Chef more ergonomic room in the Galley and a much greater feeling of space though out the Saloon!


shipman_companionway_01The Shipman 28 Sailboat are designed very well and was some of the finest in Her Class! But since the end of the 1960’s many standarts have chanced, now the Companionways are often with a large entrance. This allow tall people (me!) to enter the Saloon with ease. Of cause it comes with some issues, the lower Companionway allow Water and Waves to flood down into the Cabin if the Hatch aren’t closed properly.

The Bench in the Cockpit are lowered about 15 centimeters and the Door is widen vertical, to allow a different and larger Two Door entrance to the Cabin.