Hello from The Canary Islands!

hello_from_canary_islandFlying South to The Canary Islands with my family, down to a warm and dry climate. The Fuerteventura Island is the destination, we have been here before, but this time we found a great Sport Resort. This Resort is located in a small bay on the South cost, with no hordes of crazy turists. I took the opportunity to take a few dives in the bay, this was a great experience and a step into another world…

Replacement of Water Tank…

shipman_replace_water_tankWith the old Farymann Diesel inboard Engine out the way, the large Fresh Water Tank can be relocated from beneath Cabin Sole under the Head (mid-ship) to this empty space. Placement of the large Water Tank instead of the Heavy Engine is perfect for the weight balance of the Sailboat. The Engine had a total weight on approx. 150 kilograms and the Water Tank can hold 108 Liter – and the outboard Engine has a total weight of approx. 40 kilogram with mount.

Goodbye old Farymann!

shipman_goodbye_01The Project is back on the Tracks again! The decision to install an outboard Engine and keep the old Farymann inboard Engine on the hard and sell it, has brought massive portions of Positive energi to the Project!

All the old Farymann Engine parts are removed and the Propeller with Shaft are cut out of the Hull, leaving the Sailboat ‘naked’ on the Hard. This hard procedure is necessary to secure all potential leaks in the Hull, taking no chances with leaking Sealings and Bearings on the Shaft.









New Stringers…

shipman_stringer_01To make space for the large Fresh Water Tank on 108 Liters and the Waste Tank on 60 Liters, I have to construct new Stringers/Frames to raise the Cabin Sole beneath the Head. They are made from Laminated Plates of Red Mahogany and cut out with a handheld Rounder.





Inboard engine must go!?

Inboard vs. outboard engine?


Inboard engines are very expencive and the old thrustfull Farymann diesel engine is not so thrustfull anymore. I bought the sailboat knowing that the engine was not in best order. But working in saltwater since 1971, the engine has begun to sip saltwater into the engine.

This Farymann diesel engine stopped production back in year 1984 and the marked is harvested for spareparts. This is a big problem! Getting the engine back in fit conditions was a big and costly proejct. A new engine would cost no less than $12.000 and a total rebuild of the shaft etc., because the first Shipman model only have a 20 milimeter shaft, that won’t fit the modern minimum of 25 milimeter.

Safety first, no old engine I can’t thrust! The old inboard engine must go! This decision got the wheel’s in the project to move again, after a long non productive period.

I wrote a small list of good things the outbord engine would give to the sailboat/project.

  • Cost ($2.500 vs. $12.000)
  • Easy and cheap service.
  • Easy handling.
  • Low sound level in the four stroke engines.
  • Easy dismount for anti-theft.
  • New engine = Thrustfull!
  • Room for large water tank (108 liter)
  • Better maneuver/handling in habour.
  • No resonance/vibration.
  • No prop or shaft in the water when sailing by sails.
  • If rope caught in propeller, just lift the engine out of the water.