The Bianca 320 sailboat

bianca_320_One of my good friends and his brother own an beautiful Bianca 320 sailboat and on one of the few actual summer days in Denmark we hurried out to the sea. On the picture we are passing through the canal in Karrebæksminde by engine. The canal is located between Zealand and Enø.

The Pipe? Well? I’m not smoking, but occasionally the pipe is ‘very‘ important!? In Denmark we have a saying “The One who points with a pipe is always right!” and this is of course very close to the truth!?



Measuring the wire length


To order the correct length of the wire and the right numbers of blocks below deck, I used simple cord and weight’s to hold it out tight.

  • Number of blocks, 10 pieces
  • Length of wire, 2 x 4 meters





LEGO® Rudder!

shipman_lego_rudderI made a small model in LEGO® to be sure of the correct placement of the large and small gears in the wheel steering, just to insure that no mistakes were made and that I wouldn’t be confused.

  • Large gear on the axis for the rudder.
  • Small gear on the axis for the wheel.


(Yes! I’m a LEGO® nerd!)


Window vs. Head cabin!


By relocating the Head from mid-ship and back to port side by the companionway, the boat will have the cabin wall passing over the window. This must be removed and replaced with a smaller window that opens.

First step is rebuilding with fibre glass!