Fiberglass on deck!

IMG_1482After preparing the deck yesterday, I secured it with strips of fiberglass and polyester resin today. First by long strips 10-12 cm wide and then 20 cm wide, hiding the edges of the narrow strips with the finishing 20 cm wide strips of fiberglass. The aft deck and the entire drain area was first secured with a 50×70 sheet of fiberglass, securing the plywood construction in the deck.


2 thoughts on “Fiberglass on deck!

  1. Hello,
    The project looks like it is common no along. I found you through a pic on Pinterest. Followed the links to this. Have you done anything else to it since August 5th?
    Look forward to seeing it.
    I’m going to start a very similar redesign and fix on a 1960’s Crosby Sled. It’s a shallow water (5″ deep) I outboard powered skiff fishing boat. If I can figure out how to upload a pic I will.. Everything your doing I will be doing very soon. I just finished a 10′ McKee taught tender. Used to run back and forth from the mother boats to the docks with people, supplies etc. never caught on or were that popular because of the weight. Just to heavy at almost 400lbs. Without outboard and fuel etc. it was heavy to hoist up for storage and if it got loose or jarred out of position then it was a problem to deal with on open water.
    I hope to see more soon.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you for your time to reply my post on the blog – so sorry for the long period of ‘nothing’ !? Our family had an unexpected problem, as my oldest son became very sick with an very very rare disease…
      Just now, my project is back on track in small steps! However I have to sell my large dream project, the Shipman 28 sailboat, as my sons disease won’t allow us to be further away from hospital than a couple of hours far out in to the future…
      However…. the small boat will be finished and next up is floatation pods on the transom, then turnover and finish the buttom, sand, glass, paint etc. With this step done, I can complete the interioer in the boat. Only change is the construction of a mid-ship consolle for steering, to push weight forward, away from the engine.
      I like your story and I hope your project will give you many great hours in the workshop…

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