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Located in Denmark but written in english, why?

Sailing in the Kingdom of Denmark is a lifesyle with many traditions, reaching back in history with the adventures Vikings from the cold and harsh North! But with a population less than six millions, the total of people actual sailing is not very high compared to the large part of the world where the english language understod and talked. To reach out in the corners of the world, the text on the blog is written in english and not danish. This will of course result in errors with words and grammars!

The main focus on the blog is saling, the multiple projects on my sailboat, DIY and thoughts surrounding the process, journey and adventures.

Diving is a sidestep within the main focus, this means I have plans to dive from the sailboat and this needs special storage and a special ladder on the sailboat – which equals in projects aboard the boat…

Note that all projects onboard the vessel are made from a personal preference and ideas! Take caution in building sailboats, errors can result in life threatening situations. I take no responsibility in any projects inspired or copied from my solutions, YouTube channel or homepage. But I will be glad to help you if I can…

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