project_aware_logoWorldwide – Project AWARE

This is a registered nonprofit organization working with volunteers worldwide. Project AWARE supports divers acting in their own communities to protect the ocean, with a focus on implementing lasting change in two core areas, shark conservation and marine litter.

Over the years, Project AWARE, according to its annual reports, has “mobilized” volunteer efforts, such as beach and reef cleaning, coral reef monitoring, shark rallies, and grassroot activism, and marine debris data collection. Project AWARE provides tools and resources to engage the general public, and scuba divers in particular, in activities such as letter writing campaigns, petitions and photo campaigns to pressure governments for greater action on preservation and conservation efforts.

pc_rgbWorldwide – Plastic Change

Doubling in 10 years – Plastic pollution is threatening the marine ecosystem worldwide. Over the next 10 years, the amount of marine plastic waste will double and if we do not act, in 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish by weight. Plastic Change is committed to reversing that trend.

Vision – Plastic Change strongly believes that human beings are entitled to live in an environment free of plastic pollution. This means that future generations should be able to continue living off marine resources and eat plastic-free fish and shellfish, for instance, and enjoy living in a nature that is not polluted by plastic waste.

Mission – Plastic Change’s mission is to work with documentation, information, education and solutions that will raise awareness of plastic pollution in the general population, the industry and the political system. We prepare scientific documentation in the form of research data, among other things on our expeditions to the world’s oceans. Our ambitions are high, for the challenge is great.

This organization are working for better solutions worldwide and with a membership you will become a great influence to the mission of changing the plastic culture in the world.

Polaris Drabant 26_155Mads Bo Falk – S/Y Mathilde

Mads is an extraordinary person, he has his own way of travel on the adventures seas! The small 26′ Polaris Drabant sailboat (danish build sailboat) is holding the cost down, due to it’s age and the little space for equipment aboard. Mads has rebuild and upgraded the sailboat over the years to add comfort/solutions and to travel singlehanded or together as a family. The S/Y Mathilde has plenty of adventure quality and is almost only equipped with multi functional hardware, as high as five purposes per installation! Mads has his own freedom equation, saying ‘Freedom = Opportunities, minus Time getting the opportunities, minus Time earning the money to get the opportunities!‘ By lower the minus part in the equation you’ll add positive heading towards more freedom!

YouTuber DrakeParagon has made a series of excellent videos interviewing Mads, find these on his blog or simply search ‘s/v mathilde‘ on YouTube. 

sy_fieYouTube channel – Sailing S/Y Fie

With several sailboats behind Kenneth and his family, they found a new project, the Elan 43 from 1990. The fine sailboat with great performance are on the hard (2016-17) for a total refit in all installations and interior. Due to the size of the vessel the project are very time consuming, but besides this Kenneth takes the time to produce and edit excellent videos for his YouTube channel. The 31 videos (12.05.2017) are both with instructions, thoughts and solutions! Kenneths profession as an Painting Inspector gives the viewer very helpfull tips to own sailboat projects.

The upcoming homepage will support the YouTube channel with excellent explanations, projects etc. to the videos, but also as the online sailboat adventure diary to the family.

sail_lifeYouTube channel – Sail Life

This Dane took action! Mads sold his house and moved aboard his 30′ sailboat not to come back on land again. He have approx. 23.000 followers on YouTube due to his extraordinary welldone videos. Now he have bough an even larger sailboat and are rebuilding this to become a fulltime cruiser. All videos (211 and more to come) are in perfect english, sit back and enjoy!

drakeparagon_logoYouTube channel – DrakeParagon

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sailing_umaYouTube channel – Sailing Uma

This awesome couple Kika and Dan bought an old Pearson 36 sailboat from 1972 planning to sail around the world, one country at a time. Their projects are inspiring and together with the many videos of high quality, they take us on weekly adventures! It all started with ‘a couch’ they didn’t buy, ending with full time cruising together with almost 29.000 followers on their YouTube channel…

(The DIY projects are mainly on their first of many videos)