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The tridentLIFE blog set small anchors in the sea of twitter, leaving the recent updates on the blog for everyone to follow and comment. The posts on twitter are reduced in text and you’ll find them in full length and often with a few more pictures on the blog…

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The tridentLIFE channel on YouTube holds videos from the blog. Please subscribe the channel and leave a comment.

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The world wide community on Pinterest shares great ideas and pictures, tridentLIFE are also sharing in order to reach out to fellow interested in DIY sailboats etc.

tridentlife_literatureLiterature – follow link

This is a content of my library concerning the genre of sailing, boats, novels, travel, maintenance etc.

The titles are written in danish as are my reviews of these, it wouldn’t make sense to write reviews in english on books only written in danish. With the exception of a few novels that are translated from english to danish, these will of cause have reviews written in my best english.